PREP SCHOOL  ( I know, I know,  but when you’re               
       from Baltimore,  it matters for some reason ...)
                                                                       Calvert School
                                           Roland Park Country School
                                                                Denison University
                                              B.A. English/Fiction Writing 
                                                  Johns Hopkins University
                        M.S.Ed  Curric. Dev./Teacher Training
                                                             M.A. Writing/Fiction

I’m an INFJ
black is not my favorite color
I have 24 different colored pairs of flip-flops
I don’t like to do anything the same way twice
my mother-in-law thinks I should get a paying job

I have one husband, two cats, three dogs, four children,
five dollars in my wallet, six rings on my fingers, seven out of state parking tickets, eight more chapters to write, nine
people I want to spend more time with, ten unpolished fingernails, eleven excuses for why I still have eight chapters to write, twelve places in the world  whereI would own a home if I had more than five dollars in my wallet. 
Living Working

ALABASTER HOUSES available June 10 in paperback, Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader.  
In May, 2010, a portion of the thirteenth chapter of Alabaster Houses was published as a short story entitled, Concessions, in The Fertile Source, by Catalyst Press, and republished at Wellsphere.com .

I ‘m  currently writing my second novel, tentatively called “If Everything Was Different”, a story about several teenagers and their families in the days and weeks leading up to a school massacre, and a young woman and her younger sister who are “night commuters” in Uganda, attending school during the day, but traveling all night to avoid being captured and enlisted as child soldiers by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army.

During the 80’s I was busy having and raising babies, writing short stories, and wearing ridiculous clothes. In  December 1991 I won the Best Short Fiction award from the Baltimore Sun Magazine for the short story, Legacy. In  1992, I had my last baby, published a story entitled The Wake in a collection entitled WEDNESDAY NIGHT’S HARVEST, published by Seedling Press at Denison University.

In 1993, upon discovering that our two oldest sons had dyslexia, my husband and I, along with several other families founded the Odyssey School  which is now located in Stevenson, Maryland. My husband served as the Board of Trustee chair for six years and I was an administrator, teacher, and advisory board member at the school until 2001 when I left to write Alabaster Houses. 

I completed Alabaster Houses in 2006.